Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

An Evening At Payerne Air Force Base - Solar Impulse

On Tuesday evening 24/7 the Solar Impulse returned from it's first intercontinental flight(s), reason enough to go to Payerne for a quick look:

Monday, July 23, 2012

A Day At The Lake - Lac Léman

Since I bought a few SBB Tageskarten for Monday July 23rd, we planned on going to the Lake Geneva and on our way back we would visit the castle in Gruyères. That was the plan. We took the train from Bern to Lausanne, then the metro from the railway station down to the boat-stop, hopped on the boat going south and after a boat ride of about 1,5 hours or so we hopped off again, in Montreux.

And as best laid plans often do, the plan changed! We ended up staying in Montreux for the rest of the day, the air & water temperature was just right, the kids wanted to swim in the lake, and so they did. We even rented a paddle boat and I think they all had a blast floating on the lake. We finished the day with a meal at the local McDonalds before we headed back to Bern by train.

arrival at Montreux

Montreux, Freddie Mercury Monument

Montreux, Market Hall

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Lake Geneva

paddle boat @ Chateau Chillon

chicks chasing ducks

my favourite treat
my favourite tree

my favourite BIG tree

Montreux Railway Station

Lausanne Railway Station

Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Day At The Airport

Today my nephew Thomas and I went to ZRH Airport, just for fun. It was a beautiful day, not too hot and not too sunny, just perfect. There is a new observation deck on top of Terminal B and I have not been there yet. It's always worth going to the observation deck on Terminal E where the long haul flights dock. Highlight of the day was the departure of the Singapore Airlines A380 which is simply impressive. Another highlight was the bustour we took around the airport, including a (photo) stop at the crossings of two runways. Edible highlight of the day were the sandwiches from Confiserie Steiner that are just yummie.

closer look at ZRH Airport

Multimedia binoculars (called Airportscopes) have been developed specially for the new Observation Deck B.
They provide background information on fixed and mobile POI's at ZRH Airport.

the new Observation Deck B

view into the cockpit

ready for departure
SQ345 getting ready for departure

small people, huge plane

ready for departure
push back on taxiway

same dock (E64), smaller plane
SQ345 on it's way to the runway
one day......

SQ345 ready for take off

lift off!
bustour photo-stop at runway crossing

two different kinds of flying objects

moments before lift off
 The following pictures are distorted 180° panoramic view photo's made with my Sony Xperia:

Emirates Boeing 777 @ Terminal E

Terminal E Observation Deck 1

Terminal E Observation Deck 2

Terminal E Observation Deck 3

Terminal B Observation Deck 1

Terminal B Observation Deck 2