Saturday, August 4, 2012

Aare Böötle 2012

This was the event:

An impression from the Auguetbrücke over the Aare near Belp/Muri:

about 700 RED rubber boats and a lot of other(s) floating down the Aare

pigs, sailors, pirates.....
don't know if the guy in the middle made it to Eichholz!

(Uma & Mike at right)
Uma & Mike and all the others

no alcohol policy? cheers!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

1. August 2012

The 1. August started with blue skies and sunshine, and ended with natural and artificial fireworks late in the evening. Inbetween we had a swiss brunch with swiss dried meats and swiss cheeses, a plunge in the pool, a bbq with swiss sausages and swiss bread and at dusk we lit our swiss paper lanterns. I think it was close to 22:00h when we had to rush into the house because of the rain and lightning, thinking of our american friends that parked their car at our place and hiked up the Gurten to watch the fireworks upclose. The fireworks that started at 22:30h were impressive as ever, but rain was pouring down and lightning lit up the skies. Close to 23:30h our american friends showed up again, all soaken wet and muddy. Adventure is what they wanted, adventure is what they got!