Sunday, February 17, 2013

Chienbäse 2013 Liestal

On Sunday evening, February 17th, we attended a very special event in Liestal, close to Basel. It's part of the "Fasnacht" and it's called "Chienbäse". On the occasion they carry burning broomstick like "Chienbäse" through the old centre of Liestal, followed by rolling bonfires. They even pass through the city gate (which can not be seen in my pics). A totally crazy event! And very hot! Sparks flying everywhere:

on the left you can see somebody holding a stick with a "Cervelat" (swiss sausage) to be grilled

huge fire on wheels........

producing lots of heat & sparks......

hot, hotter, hottest.........
(is the sausage done yet?)

fireman having fun

Sunday, February 3, 2013


Some examples of my January/February polymer clay creations:

and this is an example of how some of it is done:

fimo, fimo and more fimo....