Saturday, June 8, 2013

International Day 2013 at ISBerne

Today was a beautiful day and I decided to take Nelson with me to visit "International Day" at the International School Berne. Many stands from many different countries presented their local foods and traditional items, so Nelson and I tried Japanese Sushi, Pakora from Pakistan, Indonesian Lumpia, Canadian Pancake with Maple Sirup, some delicious Malaysian Food that I can't remember the name of, Dutch Muffins (why didn't they offer poffertjes??), Swedish Platter with Fish, it was all gorgeous! There were Indian dancers, Swiss Jodlers, Spanish dancers, Swiss Alphorn, more Indian dancers and many more other performers we did not see. At some point we did have to go home because the we got sunburned.....

USA & Japan

Pakistan, Zimbabwe (I'm not sure!), Malaysia

overall impression, sushi, swiss jodlers

Sunday, June 2, 2013

From Schatzalp to Blümlisalp

An impression of my trip today on the "Blümlisalp" from Interlaken to Thun:

the "Blümlisalp" in Interlaken West

2nd class

impressive stairway to the 1st class deck

the steam engine is always fascinating

heading for Spiez

2nd class deck

going backwards towards (huh??) Thun

the "Blümlisalp" in Thun

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Summer? Winter?

So while the rest of Switzerland is flooded by heavy rain, in this part of Switzerland the water is coming down as snowfall. At least through the night. And since temperatures are not below zero, this heavy watery snow is one big mess. When I got out the door this morning, it did take no longer then 10 seconds to get wet feet. Shoes wet, socks wet. No, I did not bring my waterproof snow boots.

After all we're talking June 1st, right?

view this morning June 1st 2013, from my hotel balcony

Schatzalp, Davos

Schatzalp, Davos

Panorama Restaurant next to Schatzalp, Davos

my cappuccino