Thursday, April 10, 2014

Botlierskop Private Game Reserve: Feeding The Elephants

Today we had the chance to feed the elephants. We took turns in feeding apple halfs to the bull and the 7 year old calf, the mother was still too protective over her calf so she was fed by the caretaker (in the background) while we could feed apples to her young one.

feeding apples to the 7 year old calf
feeding the bull
open up!

big tusk
lashes of about 10 cm!
big nose, big ears
big molar
and after apple-lunch it is time for a stroll with the family

Monday, April 7, 2014

South Africa - Day 2 - from Cape Town to Montagu - African Game Lodge

After our night in the Cape Towm airport hotel we drove to Montagu. Beautiful scenery that did remind me a lot of Utah. From Montagu it was another 30 km on dirt roads to the African Game Lodge where we would go on our first game drive and where we would spend the night. No electricity, no internet, no mobile phone signal, no TV. Lots of animals! Stargazing at night!

right out of Montagu 2 fighting baboons came running out of the bushes!

this way to the African Game Lodge!

our rental car on the left
it looked like this guy on the right needed some help

our south african cottage for the night

on the outlook

our private game drive vehicle

Sunday, April 6, 2014

South Africa - Day 1

We stayed overnight in a hotel at Zürich Airport to catch a 7.00 AM flight to Amsterdam from where we would fly to Cape Town. We arrived in Cape Town at around 9.30 PM. Our first night in Cape Town we spent in a new airport hotel, Hotel Verde, only 400m from the terminal. Large living room with kitchen and separate bedroom, kids on the sleeper-sofa, big bathroom, everything proper and clean. Bottled water and milk in the fridge. Great breakfast next morning.

Hotel Verde, Cape Town Airport