Tuesday, February 11, 2014

New Project: my own tiny art-studio/workshop!

The new year started with a *bang*: I was in bed with a fever for a few days, followed by a cough for nearly 3 weeks, finally got some medicine from my doctor and now I'm working on a new project: my tiny art studio/workshop! It is in a former flower shop that was closed down by the end of last year, in fact my art studio is not the shop itself but the former "Blumenbinderei" where the flower bouquets were put together. It is in the basement of a building, that means concrete floors, concrete walls, lots of dirt, lots of tubes & pipes, two small windows and one big glass-but-no-see-through-door, little sunlight and everything is very old. The high table is gone now, the other dark cabinet/table will stay and I will move in my old working tables to work on. And my chair. And my tools. And my polymer clay! My hands are itching!!!

But what a little bit of white paint can do! It looks better now and soon I can start creating again. I'm in the moving-phase now and getting organized. These pictures were made before I distributed the white paint:

the high table is gone now

water is available!

this old cabinet/working table will stay, it has a nice height for standing work.
the most important tool is already there: my Nespresso machine!

miracle stuff: white paint!
To be continued!!